Uncle Milton Giant Ant Farm - Large Viewing Area - Care for Live Ants - Nature Learning Toy - Science DIY Toy Kit - Great Gift for Boys & Girls, Green. Want to buy an ant colony? · We've put together a list of links on where to buy ants. There are many reliable ant stores around the globe. · Ants are becoming. Sort ; Live Red Harvester Ants 30+ Ants perfect for your Ant Farm Free Ship · $ ; Messor barbarus -Queen Ant - Black Harvester Ant - Live Arrival - RARE. We send them to you for free! If you want to buy ant colonies or you only require ant queens, or a combination of both, we offer them to you. Experience the wonder of ant keeping with our live queen ant colonies. Our queen ants are carefully selected and guaranteed to arrive alive.

Caution: Parents please supervise your children as ants can sting and bite. Harvester Ants from Insect are the perfect size for Ant Farms and Ant. Absolutely one of the largest selection of ants in Europe. Top-quality ant colonies, ant farms and breeding accessories. On sale ants from almost all over the. Canada Ant Colony is working to provide the most affordable ant colonies, ant farms, and ant-keeping supplies to Canadians. Take a moment to see what's on sale? This site also utilizes a free classifieds system that will allow you to purchase and sell local ant colonies. It's important for the hobby and our environment. We at Antsrus specialise in the supply of live queen ants and colonies as well as all other accessories relating to ant keeping. Native and Exotic Queen Ants For Sale - Fresh mated Queens and colonies available - Worldwide Postage. Your destination for high quality formicariums, nests, and other antkeeping essentials. Now selling ant colonies across the U.S.! Welcome to Antderground ant nests, your online store for myrmecology products. Buy your ideal artificial ant farm made of methacrylate or wood. Find a. Ants HQ - a UK based, online provider of live queen ants and colonies, formicariums, essentials and more! As live ant specialists, we offer over global. US$ Sale. Ant Outworld Lightning Module. Ant Outworld Lightning Module Farm Arena. Ant Ant Colony Starter Kit All-In-One. Ant Colony Starter Kit I. (8). Why buy from us? 1. We are a registered with the Australian Department of Environment as a Captive Breeder and have an Approved Wildlife Trade Operation.

We sell Ant Queens and Ant Colonies, to be kept as pets in so called Formicariums, Terrariums for Ants. You start with a single Ant Queen or a Queen with a. Explore our finest collection of queen ants for sale in the USA & ant colonies for sale! From Camponotus to Veromessor, explore the diversity of live ants. The Best Place to buy Live Ants for Ant Farms & Habitats. Just $ with Free Shipping in the U.S. (Ants only). Gel refill, ant food, sand, accessories. Ant in Tube ; (Pheidole megacephala) 1x queen, 5+ soldier, worker. $ Ex Tax: $ ; Austroponera castaneicolor queen Ant colony in tube (5+ worker). Unique sand & gel ant farm kits shipped with live harvester ants & useful supplies. Buy live ant farm ants for your ant farms. Ant farm sand refill and gel. Ant Farms For Sale UK · Natural Ant Farm Setup · Acrylic Ant Farms · Our Ant Farm Range · 3D Printed Ant Farm 11x15x2cm · Acrylic Ant Farm 10x20xcm · Acrylic. Live ant sales not permitted to the USA, Western Australia or Tasmania. Our live queen ants and colonies are from the famous Gamergate brand. These ants are. QUEEN ANTS/ANT COLONIES FOR SALE! Proud to bring you some of the best A+ class AMERICAN ANTS MY-ANTICS is known for! Ant's Kingdom, based in The Netherlands we provide worldwide the best ant farms and ant colonies online available. Buy your antfarm and ants on our website.

Welcome to Antderground ant nests, your online store for myrmecology products. Buy your ideal artificial ant farm made of methacrylate or wood. Find a. Ants · Ant colony Camponotus Fedtschenkoi; $ – $; Select options · Ant colony Camponotus japonicus. Quick View. Ant colony Camponotus japonicus. Nest tube with Feeding area for new queens starting a new colony. (k). $ With over 20 years experience in ant keeping, Ants UK offers a wide range of ant starter sets, ant farms, nesting materials, ant food, equipment as well as live. In the USA, there are no queen ants you can buy over state/national borders. Pogonomyrmex occidentalis is the only exception to this rule.

Featured Products ; Camponotus modoc Colony In Test Tube · Camponotus modoc Colony In Test Tube. $ ; Camponotus Novaeboracensis Colony In Test Tube. Buy ant farms and live ants for your ant farm kits. We have a large selection of gel and sand ant farm starter kits available. Get started today! Discover the ant-keeping experience with our hybrid formicarium designs, outworlds, test tubes & accessories. Live queen ants & colonies for sale in Canada. Ants Online is a FREE online marketplace for people to buy, sell, and swap ant colonies, queens, and ant-related equipment. Find or sell a colony today. An ant colony starts with a queen ant and soon becomes full of worker ants, which then dig tunnels and create chambers that are used for many different. Multiple species are available with queens, ranging from huge golden honeypots to ruby red harvesters. All Planted ANTS colonies will have a queen ant included!

I ordered an Ant Colony online and gave them a new home..

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